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Cloud tokens your big opportunity

CloudToken (CTO) is a token,
which has also made this task exactly. It should be surpassed the success
of other tokens.

With decisive advantages Cloudtoken goes into the race Take all the positive parts from other tokens and exploits their synergy and benefits.

Without taking into account the negative components got to.

This combines the proven know-how with innovative new possibilities.
One of the absolutely outstanding advantages is that in the background
real companies are actively involved. These are also behind the business ideas and will support this token with real innovative tools. Also here is an arbitage software named Jarvis (including Artificial Intelligence) behind it.
It should not be difficult to repeat or even beat the successes of other tokens.

The advantages over other projects

- No investment or membership fees
- No blocking of your coins
- No contract periods
- No monthly fees or autoships
- No packages to buy - Credit always available
- Your profit starts on the 1st day
- The cloud token has the potential of $ 0.30 to climb to over $ 50 in 12   
- The prizes are distributed daily from the software
- Most lucrative industry referral program Including worldwide Availability for  

The reasons why we said "yes"

There are a few reasons why we could not ignore CloudToken (CTO).

Behind the CloudToken (CTO) are real companies. Also the manufacturer of the app is known and is incl. company name incl. Address named. Cloud token was
from WSBA, Singapore fourth-generation public blockchain technology team founded.

The CEO is Ronald Aai, serial entrepreneur of the last 25 years.
In his early career, he successfully built several Internet Companies
and developed new technologies for social media, payment, mobile
wallets, mobile phones, telecommunication systems, IOT solutions
and blockchain technology. At the real companies is So a company
while the credit cards already issued.

This company has a lot of experience in the field and very good contacts.

From about August / September 2019 should also the CloudToken connection come to a credit card. First only for the Asian market.

Another requirement is that you have achieved at least C1. So at
least 200k dollars has generated team sales.

In the same way, a cross-country simcard will appear for calling.

Again, this happens first on the Asian market (16 countries are from
the beginning.)

It has also begun to hand over the private keys of the ETH Wallets.
There will be cooperation with other partners and dealers, such as
Give expedia. This collaboration is very important to offer the booking
of hotels, airplanes, etc. via CloudToken (CTO)

News 06.10.2019

Cloud 2.0 brand new engine :
- 900,000 members worldwide
- 57 engineers and traders working for Cloud 2.0.
- Started January with only 4 engineers
- new engine and faster in terms of loading speed and Transaction and    
  conversion speed
- New GUI (Graphical User Interface)
- over 150 countries are onboard with Cloud Token With a lot of new functions  
  and also a new appearance
- CloudNFC 
  Mifare System AES and DES/Triple-Des Encryption Three independent
  24-bit one-way counters for 24-bit protected data access through 32-bit  
  password OTP, lockbits, configurable counters for security Smart
  multifunction card can be used to log on in the future is also used for
  the CTO payment. Security is capitalized Strong encryption , usable as 
  login and later also for payments

- Cloudchat 
  Trustworthy community where cloud enthusiasts meet, to discuss and interact 
  Share advice, receive you announcements and global channels updates you  
  send pictures or Videos and discover relevant industry-specific information.
  End of encryption in blockchain chat where each direct Communication is  
  possible.direct blockchain encryption

- Cloudtravel 
 Travel Planner with CTO (All supporting dealers below) Issues CTO for  
  hotels, flights, transports, tours, experiences, D&B etc. Hotel Pay bookings  
  with CTO, no more check-in with credit card.
  For the time being only for  hotels!

- Rouge 
  Take part with only 10 DAIs (Stable Token) and win up to 100x of your bet.
  30 days one draw each, one chance each day. Rogue will work from today    
  (05.10.19), you can start with 10 DAI and has the chance to earn 100x times 
  more bets are always available back so you don't lose anything !

Cloudtoken App 2.01 - The New Generation ;-)

- cloud prepaid 

  Speed and payout of crypto currencies in reality The card is activated for  
  one year and then needs to be recharged. Provides liquidity and service 
  network (basically issue) Uses the CTO to charge them. Issue crypto 
  currencies in real terms, Top up your credit with CTO. As of tomorrow,
  Grab (Asian Uber) be paid by CTO Fully anonymous SIM card Flexibly 
  rechargeable  with CTO. Works in 11 Asian countries, 30 European
  countries. Also USA and Canada update bar in the device so that in the 
  future more countries will be added. For data use only!

- CloudRedcem 

  Redeem CTO for GrabPay Credits Can be redeemed for all regions
  that Grab offers as a service. Flexibility in using CTO in Grabpay
  Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietam,
  Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia.

- Cloudmerchant

  POs machines Daily transactions with Ctos and important Cryptos to
  survive  Cryptos conversions. Additional revenue for trader ecosystem for 
  sustainable economy Fast deployment without compromising trading liquidity. 
  Accepted Payment Acceptance Point becomes Own POS Terminals. 
  Immediate use of CTO sellers and earn money with each Transaction CTO 
  and do not have to pay anything (as with Visa or Mastercard)

- cloudsim

  - pay as global SIM card ( data card only ) Fully anonymous SIM card,
    Flexible rechargeable with CTO.
  - Works in 11 Asian countries, 30 European countries. Also USA and  
  - Updatebar in the device so that in the future more countries will be



News 22.09.2019
The Cloutoken price has fallen slightly and is now rising again.

The CTO price can only rise if the earnings generated:
1. the daily new issued CTO´s covers
2. after the coverage of the newly issued CTO´s still something remains
(surplus), and thus flows into the reserve pool!

As an example, so that with 100.000.000 CTO´s in customer possession,
the price rises by 0,01$, CloudToken has to put 1 Mio USDT extra into
the reserve. pack (surplus)

the price rises = CloudToken generated Profits + surpluses
the price falls = CloudToken does not generate enough profits to maintain
cover in the reserve pool. Now we get more CTO´s on the day, the dollar equivalent remains the same

News at 13.09.2019
Cloudtoken 2.0 is looking for personnel ;-)

Advantages of the Aurae Network:

For the layman a metaphor: :

BTC / ETH / LTC - works like SMS / CHAT

News 14.09.2019
Become an authorized dealer :

To become a Cloudtoken merchant, a KYB process is required to verify that it is actually a retail/business area with which we are working.

We are working on it for the SOHO business. Are there any costs for the retailer?

1. become a member of JARVIS with a qualifying amount of $600, which  
    the dealer passes on to CTOs.
2. the merchant may terminate his membership if he does not accept the  
    Payment POS returns.
3. for merchants who do not need the payment option, there must still be a  
    KYB process can be executed. However, the retailer only needs to  
    download the CLOUD 2.0 Wallet Apk to register for the dealer account   
    to register when it's done.

Advantages for dealers
1. Qualified dealers can be a CASHPOINT dealer that allows them to earn  
    1% from crypto conversions + sales.
2. all transactions are MDR 0%.
3. the settlement is made per transaction between our bank and the   
    merchant's bank, the fee will be determined at the location of TT. The  
    settlement date can be 7 days or longer.
4. merchants can set the amount of % in which the crypt is kept. and    

News at 12.09.2019

The SIM card is now about to be released.
At the moment only for the Asian area. But we can hope.

PREPAID-CARD - Test phase CloudSIM - 10x test cards in China, 5x test cards in Europe, 10x test cards in Asia, cards are in production dependent of Gemalto production of Cards.

Multicast for Cloudtoken 2.0

Multicast is the term used in telecommunications to describe a message transmission from a point to a group and is therefore a form of multipoint connection. (see also: Group call)

The technology is used in the switching layer according to the OSI model.
Its advantage is that messages can be transmitted simultaneously to several subscribers or to a closed group of subscribers without the data transmission rate used for this purpose at the sender being multiplied by the number of receivers. In multicasting,

The sender only needs the same data transmission rate as a single receiver.
In the case of packet-oriented data transmission, the data packets are duplicated at each individual distributor (router, switch or hub) on the route.

Cloudtoken pays taxes

New info again. Cloudtoken pays taxes !
So it belongs to very few companies in the crypto area which I'll pay taxes in the first place.

Congratulations Australia is the Profit

Here an explanation:

About the waiting time of Jarvis

100% of Jarvis's assets are on the Exchanges.
If you now Jarvis finished it takes time to retrieve the requested
capital. To exchange and pay out.

News at 08.09.2019
Pictures from Warsaw Conference

Translated as good as possible from the English original and translated
into English at the live event. Warsaw on 31.8,2019.

Product Name

New rules for the conversion of CTO to ETH
New rules for converting from CTO.

1. the limit is set to 2 conversions a week! Means, you can convert CTO
    to ETH 2 times in one week, if you use the 2 conversions in the week,
    it will be disabled for the rest of the week! In the next week there will
    be 2 conversions available.

2. there is no maximum, only the current minimum of 10 CTO´s. The  
    changes come into force in 14 days, so from valid from 21.09.2019   
    Thus the amount of small conversions is reduced and the system is   

Warsaw 31.08.2019 Incl Update 08.09.19 

It was a gigantic meeting in Warsaw with a lot of visitors.
Many questions were answered and the following excerpt was given:

Jarvis AI
$560 million are now being managed (August 2019).

Block Limitation
Each block costs $500 total trade limit of 700,000,000 USD for Jarvis $500 per block value 1,400,000 total number of blocks. When you withdraw money, you release the blocks and leave the space to others who want to be active. Once the 10% fee has been removed, partners can always deposit and withdraw without restrictions. These blocks are introduced first for Rogue. If the block system works well for Rogue, the company will introduce it for Jarvis as well.
- Ronald believes that there should be enough room by the end of the year.

Charging the Super Wallet with VISA / MASTERCARD
The CEZA license should be available by the end of September (hopefully). the bank account can be created. Once you have this, you can deposit with Visa/Mastercard. They follow this process specifically for their merchant program, but this would also allow them to increase the acceptance of VISA / MASTERCARD. - Of course anyone can use it.

The KYC is optional. But only for accounts that want to activate FIAT money. GDPR / Data processing You are PCI-DSS compliant and GDPR compliant.

Reverse postings:
You are using the same service provider as Binance. Some of the CEZA license requirements: You need a fully functioning exchange. and an OTC. That's why they bought a technology company with their IP, to accelerate this process, and now both the exchange and the OTC are being tested. By next year your product will be available on C-Trade (Portfolio Management Platform).

Can the prepaid debit cards be blocked?
The reason why some cards have been blocked in the past is because of the companies didn't have credit. MCO, TENX cards for example are empty (0 credits). Or the said licenses were missing and therefore blocked. They use the banks and have a so-called "master account". The main account is opened with the Credit recharged and all cards share this main account. Every time, when one of these cards is used, the system issues a "Yes" or a "No", to confirm whether this card can be used. If you receive a Yes, the system will go into your crypto account and confirm a sale.

The Cloud Token cards are global and are prefinanced.
Cloud Token cards are loaded with up to $14,000 depending on how many CTOs you have added to your card. Once you use this card, the amount will be deducted. After 30 days, the company takes over all the CTOs and fills the Re-open the card. You can use as many cards as you want.

Errors and CTO conversion errors:
The market is currently very overloaded, as is Cloud Token. The wallet is not associated with cloud, but with the mining pool, and they can't use the the entire capacity of their pool. This pool can easily handle transactions not fast enough. Try again and again.

Aurae Blockchain
Aurae Blockchain is already LIVE and processes all transactions within the ecosystem. The Explorer is currently being processed. Slow App The reason things in the app are running slowly is that the app still relies on other blockchains that are slow. So data is transmitted too slowly. CTO card Originally it was planned to release the cards only for C3 and higher. However, they are working on ensuring that everyone who participates in an event also receives prepaid debit cards.

Javis AI Jarvis -
Javis still has enough space, hopefully by the end of the year, depending on market conditions. $ 560 million are now being managed (as of August 2019).

Project villain -
Lottery 11 - 17% ARP 1.3 - 1.4% per year

Formerly 6, now 40 You have bought an office in Kuala Lumpur.

New crypto added:
EXP, EOS & DAI - Aurae Explorer to be launched before the end of the year (we insist on having it much sooner).

News 22.08.2019

Welcome to this article about Cloud Token.

In the meantime, Cloud Token has arrived in 155 countries and has over 800,000 members! In the last days numerous changes were announced, which will follow in the near future.

Cloud Token will now be called Cloud 2.0.
Furthermore Cloud 2.0 will become a trademark protected name.
Cloud 2.0 now has a new logo.

With Cloud 2.0 some new services will be added.
Online Travel Agency (OTA - travel portal).

This should make it possible to book travel, hotels etc. from the app, which you can pay with CTO. The price in CTO should be discounted (in relation
to Euro/Dollar).

The discount range for the customer is from 1-15%, for the company but up to 20%. (Anything above 15% is put in the reserve pool).

This may well lead to a price increase of the CTO, since now Revenue that didn't exist before will go into the reserve pool.

Furthermore the Merchant Program is added. This allows sellers to provide their goods with a QR code.

When a Cloud 2.0 member scans this QR Code, it is in the in the business with CTO. For those who are interested in the technical part behind it there is already a graphic. It looks confusing at first glance, but if you look at the numbers from 1-11 in order it makes sense.

With the Cloud 2.0 update the CloudSIM will be released. At the moment C3 and C4 members request and test these cards. For the time being, the launch will only take place in Asia (Japan excluded).


The Mobile Virtual Service Operator (in English probably the Simcard provider) will also be Cloud 2.0.

This means that the Sim cards will not be published by a third company. The KYC for the Sim cards is planned.
Furthermore 2 new projects have been announced.

The first project is called "Rogue".
Here is the english description: "Starting with 10 USD users can participate in a "Saving Lottery" and win shares from Compound Interest pools."

The second announced project is called "Friday".
This is intended for large investors, and starts from a ridiculous 5 million USD. Here you can get trading bots adapted to your needs, something like the Jarvis, who you can then connect to your Exchange.

This means you no longer have to transfer your crypto currencies to your "company account", but can manage everything yourself..

News at 08.09.2019
Pictures from Warsaw Conference

New rules for the conversion of CTO to ETH
New rules for converting from CTO.
1. the limit is set to 2 conversions a week! Means, you can convert CTO to ETH 2 times in one week, if you use the 2 conversions in the week, it will be disabled for the rest of the week! In the next week there will be 2 conversions available.

2. there is no maximum, only the current minimum of 10 CTO´s. The changes come into force in 14 days, so from valid from 21.09.2019 Thus the amount of small conversions is reduced and the system is relieved.

Warsaw 31.08.2019 Incl Update 08.09.19

It was a gigantic meeting in Warsaw with a lot of visitors.
Many questions were also answered now to the following excerpt:

Jarvis AI
$560 million are now being managed (August 2019).

News at 08.08.2019

Altogether now 4 projects are announced
- Jarvis Project (Active)
- Friday Project (Active)
- Rogue project (preparation)
- name not yet known (planning)

Jarvis is for investment from $ 500 to $ 50,000. But so far, even smaller sums go. Jarvis and also Friday are active and can both be booked

There are 4 projects (Jarvis,Friday,Rogue,?)

Jarvis is for $ 500 to $ 50,000 investment. But so far, even smaller sums go.

Friday (from about $ 500,000 dollars invest possible). So Friday is intended for large investors.

The 3rd project Rogue (in planning)

What is missing is what small investors should come for the project Rogue.
The project Rogue will be located under Jarvis The third project is called Rogue. Unfortunately there are no known contents yet. More info will follow.

The 4th project Name is not known yet.

News from 31.07.2019
1. With the new version of Cloudtoken App 1.9.8 Atomic Swap is active! That means you can chop all coins to TUSD within the app


Here in your own case

Anyone who registers here under US and takes the Reflink (invitation code is 1344528807) will also have access to the tools provided (helpdesk, webinars, telegram group and contact to the upline,).

To take advantage of this, my Reflink 0918915484 must be taken at registration AND it has to be one  Email sent.

We are all invested in the cloud token and estimate the current
risk as very low. Should be the risk The further procedure is also discussed and evaluated in the corresponding telegram group.

News from 19.7.2019
1.  New coins are interegated:
     EOS, Ripple, Monero, ZCash are interegated.
2. Change from Coin to Coin right in the app.
     There is no need for Exchange anymore
3. Course calculation of CTO on the Fly against the USDT

Change without Exchange within the app possible.

Cloudtoken explanatory video - how does it work! Explain video how the cloud token works

Cloudtoken explanatory video

Jarvis AI Dog - Artificial intelligence that is also used in many companies.

For cloud tokens, the system is named "JARVIS-AI". Based on the Marvel character JARVIS probably stands for
"Just A Rather's Very Intelligent System." "JARVIS 'latest AI technology will make the profit by analyzing consumer
behavior in the past and by using AI trading techniques and knowledge predict future trading behavior. The JARVIS AI technology is used by some of the world's largest public and private companies (Wal-Mart, MasterCard, Coca-Cola,
Google, etc.).

JARVIS uses the same technology to provide users with powerful cryptocurrency forecasting services. JARVIS can trade in 38 different exchanges in real time using the Arbitrage Hodl strategy to minimize risk.

It implements a real-time multi-transaction platform activity of buying a low and a high sale and achieves the price difference through the global real-time high-frequency hedging and gives cloud tokens as a reward. The live tracking of arbitrage trading will be Coming soon in the app. The estimated trading results are between 6% and 12% per month.

Here are some important basics!

The money is always liquid and you can withdraw it at any time via the ETH or BTC values or via a dedicated credit card (issued after reaching 150,000 members).

There are no blackout periods, no contracts, no membership, no packages to buy, no monthly fees.

Simply drop Kryptos into this wallet BTC, ETH, USDT or USDT and activate Jarvis.

The price of the CTO token is calculated against the USDT. That's why it varies a bit. Because the USDT is volatile.

Here is a summary

Cloud Token is a decentralized digital crypto wallet that integrates all digital assets into one platform and acts as a social and wealth management tool. The latest generation of Blockchain 4.0 technology has the ability to perform encrypted trading and payment using interblockchain technology. They developed a high-frequency artificial intelligence software called "Triangle" called JARVIS AI.

The Jarvis technology is used for some of the largest public and private companies in the world (Walmart, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, Google and many more), the brain is artificial intelligence. By working with this technology, JARVIS users get powerful Coin Prediction within the service.

CTO token is counted against the USDT

Here the FAQ to: (Posted on 19.07.19)

Q: Why USDT? it is not fully funded!
A: USDT is one of the most active trading pairs on high-volume exchanges. If all major stock exchanges are so interested in USDT, they will support it. (similar to banks supporting the USD)

Q: What if we use GUSD / PAXO / TUSD?
A: The trading volume will be significantly lower. That is, we will not be
able to take advantage of high volume trading, we want to sell, but nobody wants GUSD / PAXO / TUSD as much as USDT. In addition, GUSD / PAXO / TUSD is no different from USDT.

Q: Why the sudden switch to USD?
A: We had planned this for months. Our lawyers advised us to take this step to improve compliance. As some authorities will say that Crypto,
if it is associated with local currencies or foreign currencies, is illegal. So we went full crypto. Unless you think that USDT is a currency, I think we
are compliant for now.

Q: How does it affect the prepaid card project?
A: We have no idea, but we will continue to do so.

Q: How will this affect the OTA project?
A: It will have absolutely no effect. CTO is not an ICO token and can not
be bought or sold. It is not listed on a stock exchange. It's just a reward point that allows members to redeem the services.

Cloud token laying the cornerstone:

Simon Tran, one of PlusToken's top leaders, attended the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) in Shenzhen, China, in January 2019.
met the Chief Tech Officer of Cloud Token (CTO), Ronald Aai.

Apparently Simon was thrilled with the technology and started this business opportunity with his PlusToken supporters to share (He has built up
a very strong sales). His team is mainly from the US and Canada, where PlusToken no longer operated on. All previous other tokens are dwarfed.

That's just our personal assessment. However, if we're right, CloudToken (CTO) has the potential to be a huge one Reach range and will be significantly higher in value and price than the old token. It is already built a large community. Besides the strong network, CloudToken also has a solid technical base. There are already several articles and videos.

The exchange rate is already very much on the rise. The price was $ 0.30 on April 11, 2019. Only 45 days later the price stood at $ 0.39 and at 20.6.2019 even at $ 0.4380. Only 4 days later 24.06.19 the price reaches $ 0.4450. So far, that makes a percentage daily price increase of about 0.89%. ,


Here is a summary:

The official launch of CloudToken was on May 12, 2019 in Bangkok. ,
- CTO is the name of the token
- CTO Price Was $ 0.30 (April 11, 2019) -> Today at $ 0.4450 (24.06.2019)
- Monthly returns are currently between 6% and 12%
- The CloudToken app is available through this link: http://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/ <- This is the original website
- The app is very intuitive and runs very stable (compared to competitors such as Plustoken)
- You do not need an SMS code to register (which is a painful point for some competitors)
- To get started, you need a 10-digit invitation code from your sponsor or you accept my invitation code (My invitation code is 0918915484) Thank you!
- The Malaysian Head Support Office (Kuala Lumpur) will be opened in mid-August.
- There was a Mega Opening Event in Malaysia for 10,000 members.
-  In August 2019 should also come the credit card connection (Mastercard)
- The JARVIS AI Withdrwal deposit will be removed soon (so you can remove deposit without penalty), but this is only possible ONCE. So if you completely  
   leave the Arbitage Bot (withdrawing money), you can not start the bot anymore But more recent projects will follow. My advice always leave at least 0.01   
   ETH in the bot.
- Google Auth should be installed and activated. The security features (2FA and Mnemonic words) give one good protection against abuse.
- Private keys are shared with everyone and all crypto addresses are changed.
- There are about 200 Jarvis Bots (as of June 1, 2019). The average daily Jari of Jarvis is: 0.3-0.7%, but he can until to 15-18%. In total, around 168 servers  
   are in use around the world.
- It actively collaborates with other partners and distributors such as Expedia to book hotels, planes, etc. to offer via CTO.
- Cloudtoken already has 6 offices, 4 of them in China.
- Many new services are coming out. One is the ability to communicate between members of their groups.
- At the moment there are a lot of updates but they also provide new features and increase security.

Often it is the quality of the network that makes a project great. And there is some indication that the CloudToken is a strong one Community will be behind. We are still at the beginning of what an investor can significantly increase profit potential

The content written down here and the facts collected are the basis for our personal assessment. We are in Cloudtoken Invested and very excited about what opportunities there are. We will continue to monitor the project on a continuous basis, but also to observe critically and, of course, expand our investment. In addition, we will support ALL of our team members and bring them forward. If you are also an investor and / or interested in further information you can contact us

Happy Earning and a very successful profitable cooperation.

Volksmining Team / Team Milesstone

 Now follows a short video with the basics, it is briefly described what it has with the CloudToken on it.

Cloud token How to determine the price of the token:

The price of the CTO is based on a very simple formula of Jarvis (AI Trading).

Jarvis AI trades in our crypto assets on the stock exchange (s) and gives the Members the profits as a reward (Rewards) in the form of CTO token back.

The current CTO price is determined by the number of the outstanding CTOs in relation to the earning capacity (created by Jarvis) in the reserve pool.

1. The number of CTOs in circulation
2. How many members withdraw CTOs, whereby the reserve pool is lowered?

The amount of the course from the CTO token also influences the established travel program, the issued CTO Mastercard and the VIP program.



Gains from travel, the Mastercard, and the VIP program are added to the reserve pool, increasing the price of CTO.

CTO is seeking a partnership with payment service provider Pundi X (POS)

CTO seeks a partnership with the payment service provider Pundi X (POS), it comes to this partnership, can you pay with the CTO everywhere, where there are the POS terminals from Pundi X gives, or will give!

Pundi X has set itself the goal by the end of December 2020 proudly 100,000 to 700,000 XPOS devices in the trade worldwide bring to.

Partnerships are important, and acceptance sites anyway, both companies, CloudToken and Pundi X want cryptocurrencies in bring
the mass: CloudToken allows daily bonuses to users & Pundi X offers Dealers with a win-win situation: "get paid because you get paid 🤝"

Click here to go to the video.

Basic video -> What does the cloud token do
 Here you can find all the basic information about the Cloud Token Required invitation code 0918915484

Click here to go to the video.

Toller Tip :  Cloudtoken app on the PC in the Android emulator

There are several Android emulators running under Windows 10. We tested these emulators. And only one for very good.

Click here

Installation / Operation of the Cloud App as Video (Iphone)

In this video you will learn how to install the app, how to deposit cryptos and activate JARVIS AI.

To register you need a Ref code. This is as follows: 0918915484.
After registering + starting Jarvis (deposit more than $ 200) please sign up by mail to receive your surprise bonus. I am happy to assist you as an upline for questions.

Click here to send an email. Only then will you get the bonus

as Video ( Iphone ):

Click here to download the PDF

Interview Live Video
-> Here comes the developer to speak
Here you can watch a live interview, where all the backgrounds, technical details and much more is explained. Take the one hour, it could be the most important of your life!

Cloud Token and Ronald Aai - The revealing /

Here one has dealt with the topic of cloud tokens. One learns here a lot of background information


Cloud Token und Ronald Aai - Die Enthüllung / Hintergruende

 More Videos

Have a look to some other Video of Cloud Token ( Speaking English )


Chief Architect is demonstrating the technology behind Cloud Token


The Cloud Token Wallet had its Global Digital Finance Innovation Summit

Cloud Token White Paper

Wichtig : Cloud Token -
Die grösste Enthüllung - Deutsch


Cloud Token |
LIVE Trading Feed With Binance

Blockchain Summit


Live on Stage: Ronald Aai, the Chief
Technology Officer of the "Cloud Token Wallet" project.

Cloud Token is the world's first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform. It is developed using the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology, capable of performing cross-chain encryption exchange and payment from the famous encryption market AI arbitrage engine for manufacturers, e-commerce and other products.

Our goal is to provide our members with a focused social wealth generation ecosystem
and become the de facto standard token for
the blockchain industry. The Cloud Token
Wallet had its Global Launching Ceremony at Bangkok, Thailand on May 12, 2019! .

Important also note our disclaimer. Only invest this Money which you can really do without.
As always, there is a risk of total loss!

Attention the disclaimer page opens a new window in the browser
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